Climb Harder Now Training Program

Here is what participants in the pilot program said about Don’s Climb Harder Now program:

dave“Climb Harder Now is a great program. I really liked the focus on mental training. I also liked having the conditioning exercises. To think that I sent a 5.10c in is utterly incredible. My 11a “stretch goal” for the year doesn’t look like much of a stretch at all anymore. Thanks for getting me here!!” – Dave B. (Dave had done his 1st 5.10 just weeks before starting the Climb Harder Now program. Dave has now sent several 5.10s and V4 boulder problems and has his sights solidly set on climbing 5.11 by the end of the year.)


Seth-new“Don’s approach is very refreshing in that it is very different than other training programs I have seen, which focus on things like building finger strength. For me, these other programs focus on things that seem like the death of the love I have for climbing. Instead, Climb Harder Now focused on mental barriers that hold us back in our climbing and provides concrete ways to overcome these obstacles. It has opened my mind to what I am capable of and made a huge difference in my climbing.” – Seth G. (Seth had the initial goal of feeling solid on trad 5.10s. As of the end of the program he had successfully led 5.12 in the gym and had his eyes opened as to what he was really capable of climbing.)

Erika“I was surprised and pleased to find that Climb Harder Now included physical training as well as the mental training aspects that I had expected, having read Vertical Mind. I got a lot out of the mental training drills, but I also really liked the specific climbing workouts as well as the conditioning workouts included in the program. As a professor at a university, the Time Optimizer training that Don included was in itself worth the price of the program. I’ve been applying that training to how I organize my time this past semester and it has made a huge difference in my stress level.” – Erika N. (Erika began the program with the goal of feeling more comfortable leading and to do an 11a TR or lead. Exiting the program, Erika was leading all the routes she climbed in the gym and many of the outdoor routes she did. She was very close to sending her 11a on lead.)

The program offers over $2,000 in training for an investment of $147!

Here is what you receive when you purchase the Climb Harder Now program for $147


  • Goal Builder Tool to help you refine your climbing goals
  • Proven climbing workout program
  • Proven conditioning program with 5 workout videos
  • 12 technique and mindset training videos – delivered weekly
  • Nutrition lesson for climbers from a Sports Nutrition Coach
  • The Great Food List to help you make good nutrition choices
  • Expert coaching from Don McGrath via facebook group
  • Time Optimizer time management training to help you find time to train
  • Live coaching calls with Don McGrath (about once a month)
  • All material available on-line for future reference/reuse
Money Back Guarantee:  The program is 100% money back guaranteed. If within the first four weeks of purchasing the program you find that you are not seeing the value, you will receive a 100% refund. No questions asked.

Limited Bonus Offer:  If you are one of the first 20 people who purchase the self-paced Climb Harder Now program you will receive a copy of the audio version of Don McGrath and Jeff Elison’s best selling book Vertical Mind for free ($24 value).  You will also receive a complimentary video analysis of your climbing technique ($100 value).